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12 Feb 2016
Untapped Potential of The Inland Water Transportation : Mr. John Mathews, Director, Lots Shipping
India Maritime Summit 2016 organised by The Shipping Tribune in Mumbai last week was the platform for Mr. John Mathews, Director, Lots Shipping Ltd to share his views on the untapped potential of the inland water transportation in the country. “Even though India realized the potential of a safe, environment friendly alternative to rail and road transport and set up the Inland waterways Authority of India in 1986, this alternative mode of transport hasn’t really taken off. In spite of pumping in Rs 1117 crores over a period of 25 years (1986 -2010) on the development of Inland waterways, a lot more needs to be done to unlock its true potential. Since inland waterways transportation is cost effective, it will bring down the cost of logistics and aid GDP growth. Declaration of rivers, canals, lakes and estuaries as national waterways and setting up of expensive unused terminals along will not move cargo on the inland waterways. A clear policy which encourages vessel construction and ease of operations is required. Under the draft IV ACT, only IRS is approved as the Classification society. It should be open to all IAC societies. Free and unfettered movement of vessels between states is critical to the success of the activity. Most of the provisions of the act leave the administration to the state government which has a poor understanding and requirements for enhancing the use of this very useful natural resource. The revised act now provides for a number of penal provisions which can be enforced by the state government leading to increased lack of governance and corruption. The current provision of making it mandatory for every vessel having a certificate of survey from one state to have it endorsed by the state in which it is operating is regressive. Hence, a long term solution which focuses more intensely in bringing in more governance and less government into the operation of the inland vessels is welcome. Acquisition of the vessels is the most important thing in the industry today. Currently it is necessary to increase the number of different types and sizes of the marine craft that will carry different types of cargo between destinations. As in the case of road vehicles like bus, car or truck, the financing of inland vessels has to be made simpler, easier and possible. Marine craft for inland water transport can’t be mass produced like cars and trucks. The marine craft has to be custom made according to the restrictions and requirements of the waterways in which they operate. Yards which specialize in the construction of inland marine craft need to be financed in the following manner: A barge operator intending to construct a new vessel places an order with the yard along with an advance of 10% value of the agreed price. The yard takes the order and approaches the institution set up specifically for the purpose of funding inland vessels. This institution with the assistance of an IAC society monitors and funds the requirements for the construction. On completion of the construction, certification and made capable of marking a hypothecation on its documents, the barge operator will get his vessel mortgaged to an institution/bank and pays the yard or the institution that has funded the construction in entirety extinguishing the liability of the yard. The construction of vessels in steel and aluminum will give a big boost to the MAKE IN INDIA scheme of the government of India and provide employment to thousands of people. A concerted and focused effort on increasing the population of inland vessels through a definite funding mechanism and an industry friendly policy is the need of the hour.”
26 Mar 2015
Sagarmala to have 12 smart cities, coastal eco zones: Nitin Gadkari
NEW DELHI: At least 12 smart cities and several coastal economic zones will come up under the ambitious Sagarmala project, lifting India's GDP growth by 2 per cent, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari today said. "Sagarmala project which is a priority project for Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been designed in a fashion that it will see at least 12 smart cities at India's major ports besides special economic zones (SEZs)," Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Minister Gadkari told reporters here. Cabinet yesterday gave 'in-principle' nod to the project, aimed at port-led development in coastal states. Terming the decision as "revolutionary and historical" Gadkari said: "This project alone will boost India's GDP by 2 per cent. An allocation of Rs 4,000 crore has been made for SEZ at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, which is one of 12 major ports in India, under the Sagarmala project, while coastal economic zone is in the offing at Kandla port which has two lakh acres of land in its possession." Besides smart cities, which will have affordable housing, wind & solar power and green industry, 1,208 islands have been identified for development to attract tourists, he said, adding that 189 light houses are also part of the project. As a step towards comprehensive and integrated planning for 'Sagarmala', Gadkari said a National Perspective Plan (NPP) for the entire coastline will be prepared within six months which will identify potential geographical regions to be called Coastal Economic Zones (CEZs). He said the initiative will address challenges by focusing on three pillars of development - supporting and enabling Port-led development through appropriate policy and institutional intervention; port infrastructure enhancement including modernization and setting up of new ports; and efficient evacuation to and from hinterland. Besides enhancing port capacity, the project will boost export-import as well as domestic trade. "At present Indian ports handle more than 90 per cent of India's total EXIM trade volume but the current proportion of merchandise trade in GDP is only 42 per cent whereas in Germany and European Union, it is 75 per cent and 70 per cent respectively," he said. Earlier, Gadkari had said that each of the 12 smart cities will be built at a cost of Rs 50,000 crore. Funds required in 2015-16 for implementation of projects in the initial phase of Sagarmala are pegged at Rs 692 crore. The prime objective of the Sagarmala project is to promote port-led direct and indirect development and to provide infrastructure to transport goods to and from ports quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. The Prime Minister had earlier stressed on the need for shifting focus from port development to 'port-led development' model to maximise gains.
02 Nov 2012
Launch of the First River Sea Container Vessel built in the country
M V BEYPORE SULTAN being the first indigenous IRS Class , Type IV River Sea container vessel capable of carrying 81 TEUs (Twenty foot Equivalent Units) is being launched into the water on 2nd November 2012 at 4.30PM at Master Shipyard Pvt. Limited, Edakochi by Shri. K.Babu, Honble Minister for Port, Fisheries and Excise in the presence of other dignitaries. LOTS Shipping Limited, Indias premier Inland Water Transport Company is entering into Coastal Shipping with MV Beypore Sultan. Drawing less than three meters with a full load of 1600 MT the river sea vessel will provide to be a boon to exporters and importers from the hinterland of minor ports such as Beypore, Azhikkal, Thangaserry, Vizhinjam, Mangalore and Tuticorin besides relieving the increasingly intense pressure on the roads of Kerala. The connectivity to the Vallarpadom ICTT to and from these ports will help the business community by reducing cost and increasing their competitiveness. This will also provide immense advantages to the environment through reduced pollution and lowered carbon emissions. M V BEYPORE SULTAN is the first of the river sea type IV container vessels to be introduced on the west coast of India. This vessel will carry containers from Mangalore to Kochi at lesser cost than being incurred by Exporters / Importers now. The vessel will be put to use in the Kerala cost moving containers between various ports in the west coast and ICTT, Vallarpadam. The vessel is constructed by Master Shipyard Pvt. Limited, Eda Kochi, an associate Company of LOTS Shipping Limited. LOTS Shipping - Future Plans LOTS Shipping Limited with focus on the development of coastal shipping for moving all types of containerized commodities. The company believes that with increasing pressure on the rail and road network, containerized coastal shipping will provide and unmatched alternative. To take advantage of the emerging opportunity in the transport of containers which is set to boom with the commissioning of the International Container Trans shipment terminal at Vallarpadom by D P World, river sea container vessels have an important role to play. These vessels will meet the requirement for acting as a feeder for the International Container Transshipment Terminal as well as carry import container to inland and upcountry destinations. To meet the demand for the boom in coastal shipping, LOTS shipping will be building ten coastal river sea vessels over the next three years.
23 Nov 2011
Relocation of the DP Worlds Equipments from RGTC to ICTT, Vallarpadam May- June 2011
Relocation of the DP Worlds Equipments from RGTC to ICTT, Vallarpadam May- June 2011
27 Apr 2012
Gearless Panamax Lighterage in Cochin
Gearless Panamax Lighterage in Cochin
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