VGO Reactor Transportation

A Vacuum Gas Oil Reactor (VGO Reactor) for the capacity expansion plan for the Kochi Refineries LId (KRL) was built in China and shipped to Cochin by the heavy lift ship MV Maria. The 750 Ton, 37 metre long, 5.2 metre diameter reactor is the biggest single piece of machinery handled in the country. LOTS Shipping Limited, the biggest operator on Indian Inland Waterways No.3 came up with a water transport model for transporting this reactor to the Refinery. This involved the building of a special purpose barge taking into account the critical water depth and air draft restrictions. Master Shipyard built this barge in a record time of 70 days. LOTS Shipping carried out the transportation of the reactor by water from Cochin Port to Refinery with many road, rail and foot bridges.
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