Boat Discharge at Djibouti

Master Shipyard Pvt. Limited, Cochin an associate company of LOTS Shipping Limited entered into an agreement with Tristar Energy for River Transport Limited, Khartoum, Sudan for the construction and launching of a 28 M pusher Tug on the White Nile in Sudan. The hull of the Tug was fabricated in 20 modules at Master Shipyard, Cochin and shipped to Port Sudan by sea. These modules were then transported to KOSTI, Sudan by road (1300 Kms from Port Sudan) A yard was set up in the banks of White Nile River at Kosti and the modules were assembled. The engines and propulsion units were fitled in the yard and the vessel was launched using air bags. The outfitting work, sea trials etc. were carried out successfully and the vessel was handed over to the owners for operation in River White Nile.
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